Servo hydraulic presses

from Lemacher Hydraulik®

Energy efficient, precise and fast 40 to 10,000kN

The innovative products successfully developed in over 45 years are combined in our hydraulic presses. With our energy-efficient HYDROQUICK® systems and the press design developed by Lemacher Hydraulik, we create a resource-efficient solution with our experience. Our hydraulic presses are versatile and can be mounted flexibly to suit the range of applications of our customers.

Press design from Lemacher Hydraulik

With our press design we achieve a maximum of precision and stability. We clamp the press yoke and the press table between the tie bars and thus create a high degree of stiffness in the press frame. The tilting rigidity is thus further improved and the frame centres itself automatically under load. The ball rail guide optimizes the precision and increases the overall running time of the press, even without complex parallel programming. This high precision is particularly important in order to maintain exact repeat accuracy and minimize tool wear. Apart from this, no additional guides are required on the press tool.

Rapid acting hydraulics with the HYDROQUICK®-system

The HYDROQUICK system was specially designed for use in fast hydraulic presses. The three-chamber principle makes it possible to freely select the rapid and power stroke paths. The area ratios in the system can thus be adapted to the requirements.
Above all, however, this system is responsible for saving energy and large oil volumes. This advantage means that the running costs of Lemacher hydraulic presses are considerably lower compared to conventional hydraulic presses. Detailed descriptions of the energy efficiency of the HYDROQUICK systems can be found here.

Integrated cutting impact damping

A further highlight is the cutting shock damping integrated in the HQE system, which can be optionally switched on in our servo hydraulic presses. Additional energy sources or additional space are not required for damping in our HQE system. Equipped with this, noise and stress for man and machine are reduced to a minimum.

Servo-hydraulic systems, energy-efficient and highly accurate

The current ultimate in the field of hydraulic drives for presses ensures servo hydraulics in symbiosis with our HQE system. Our servo-valve controlled and speed-regulated drive ensures highest accuracies with simultaneous extreme energy savings. This combination results in synergies that make our hydraulic presses the most efficient and dynamic of their kind.

Industry 4.0

Our system is ready for the future. On request, wear, tool or service life monitoring can be integrated. This contributes to avoiding unnecessary downtimes and helps to further increase your productivity. User-friendliness is improved and errors can be avoided during setup.

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Our product advantages:

  • Versatile Application possibilities
  • Bending-resistant 4-column design, increased precision and overall running time of the hydraulic press
  • High precision, even with off-center loads due to the tool geometry
  • High process quality, reduces tool wear and improves part quality
  • Energy-efficient, thanks to the symbiosis of servo hydraulics and HQE system 
  • Fast cycle times in continuous operation, rapid speed for forward and return stroke up to 600 mm/s.
  • Integrated cutting shock damping, reduces the strain on man and machine.
  • Servo-hydraulic press drive, space-saving and flexible compact design
  • Powerful control, user-friendly due to programmable product data management
  • Low maintenance and easy to service

Possible applications:

  • punch press 
  • embossing press
  • calibration press
  • deburring press
  • drawing press
  • individual press
  • tasting press
  • tryout press
  • transfer press 
  • spotting press
  • universal press
  • Special press / special machine construction
  • forming machine

Fields of application:

  • Automotive industry,
  • Food industry, 
  • Manufacture of air conditioners, 
  • Gas meter manufacturer,
  • Building supplier, 
  • Aircraft industry, 
  • Electrical appliance industry, 
  • packaging industry

Dimensions and sizes according to customer requirements or specification sheet

Example using an HT-0160 servo hydraulic press


Steel press substructure, with screwed-on press frame in rigid steel design. HYDROQUICK - rapid stroke cylinder, with slide bore or slide plate with linear guides and displacement measuring system. Fail-safe Siemens SPS control. The change-over points for rapid feed, power stroke and rapid return as well as pressure and speed are separately adjustable for set-up and automatic operation and can be stored in the PLC as required. Dynamically optimized motion sequences of the ram movements with optimal decompression are easy to adjust. The result are quiet aggregates due to the system-related small internal gear pump. The presses can be integrated into an existing workflow or supplied as a single workstation with a light curtain or with two-hand control.
Applications: Punching, punching, bending, flanging, drawing, embossing, riveting, edging, etc.

Tool installation dimensions and speeds::

Press force: 160 kN
Stroke: 200mm press
Table width: 400 mm
Table depth: 350 mm
Installation height: 500 mmDimensions and sizes according to customer requirements or specification sheet

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