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About us

Lemacher Hydraulik in Idstein


Our company

Lemacher Hydraulik® was founded by Ing. grad. Eduard Lemacher in 1972 and has been continued by Adolf Rathschlag since 2014. In more than 40 years of successful business development, unique energy-efficient hydraulic products have been manufactured.
With our high-tech products, we are leading manufacturer of linear synchronizing flow dividers and HYDROQUICK®-cylinders. We manufacture hydraulic cylinders, control blocks and hydraulic aggregates individually for our customers.
Creative engineering skills can be found in every Lemacher product and numerous patents demonstrate our innovative power. The competent advice of our engineers and product specialists helps to develop the individual or tailor-made solution for our national and international customers.
With our core business, including the development, manufacture and sale of our future-oriented hydraulic products and systems, we are facing the challenges of our times, the creation of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products.
Our products combine resources efficiency with sustainable use and efficiency.


Together with the staff of Lemacher Hydraulik®, the management board has
developed and published a guideline which specifies values, principles and target of the common work. Lemacher Hydraulik® recognizes its particular responsibility to customers, employees and business partners which is based on our corporate philosophy. So we advocate a respectful cooperation and a responsible treatment of the environment.
Our business complies with our values.

Quality management

With our qualified and experience employees, we ensure in our quality management the perfect realisation of customer requirements to our products.
All production processes are optimised in a resource-friendly way, and the products have a very good environmental compatibility and they are energy-efficient to the highest degree. Certified quality management according to ISO 9001 from 2016. Customer satisfaction is the top priority with us.


As a modern industrial service provider, we ensure the greatest possible efficiency of our products and satisfaction of our customers over the entire application period. Maintenance, preventive repair to extend the useful life and repairs are carried out by our qualified service team on site.
Our customers benefit from our individual full service and the after sales service worldwide.

Energy-efficient hydraulics

HYDROQUICK® cylinders HQ®

HYDROQUICK® cylinders HQ® with external valves HQE®

The best alternative for the use of hydraulic presses is the HYDROQUICK®
cylinder with its three-chamber system and the following product features:

  • Energy efficient
  • Energy-saving potential more than 50%
  • Oil quantity reduction more than 50%
  • Fast stroke and power stroke is freely selectable
  • Flexible fast and power stroke speeds
  • Stepless transition between fast stroke and power stroke
  • Unbeatable lifetime
  • Synchronous run of several cylinders HQE®

Reduced investment costs
The elimination of special measures for suction cylinders and the greater
design possibilities clearly make their mark.
What is not required any more are suction valves, suction pipes, suction
containers with air filter, pressure control valves on the ring side etc. With
the reduced oil volume, we do not only have a smaller tank, also the
omission of an oil cooling, respectively a major reduction of the oil cooling,
are potential for savings and making the HYDROQUICK® cylinder both
technically and economically unique. These advantages, technical per-
fection and reliability have distinguished the HYDROQUICK® cylinder for
more than 40 years. The result is that more and more press manufactur-
ers and designers are using our system.
By using Lemacher HYDROQUICK® cylinder systems, you will see our
product advantages and thus improve the energy balance of your
entire plant

Application examples

  • Hydraulic presses of all sorts
  • Packing machines
  • Punching tools for the automotive industry
  • Stamping tools for various applications
  • Special machine construction
  • Foundry machinery

System hydraulics

System development – System planning – Plant planning –
Plant manufacture – Commissioning in the factory on site

We are specialised in energy-efficient hydraulics and deliver complete solutions from the planning, system development, plant manufacture to commissioning of a plant at our customers on site. With a wealth of expertise and expert knowledge, our customer get comprehensive advice. Our products are solutions at the highest technical and qualitative level.
Due to the experiences of our expert team, innovative solutions for energy-efficient plants come into being demand-oriented for our customers.
Our customers include manufacturers, engineers, planning offices and development departments with which we closely cooperate.

Developed solutions

  • Our HYDROQUICK® system for hydraulic presses was developed jointly with press manufacturers. The weight compensation, the adjustable fixed stop, the integrated snap-through dampening as well as the HYDROQUICK® cylinder have a revolutionary energy balance.
  • Complete lifting systems for assembly work.
    Synchronous stroke with hand-operated pump, cordless screwdriver or a little hydraulic power unit.
  • Plate transfer system with 12-fold synchronous run.
    Delivery of the hydraulics including installation on site and commissioning of the plant.
  • Test rig hydraulics.
    Planning, producing and mounting from a single source.
  • Synchronous hydraulic concept for large hydraulic cylinders including compensation of compression volume of the entire plant.
  • Hydraulic planning, manufacture, installation for lifting platforms with synchronous operation requirements.
  • Hydraulic power unit for lifting tables.
    For setting up or laying work pieces or concrete parts.
  • Das kom­plet­te Sys­tem, vom Ag­gre­gat, über den Li­ne­ar-Gleich­lauf-Men­gen­tei­ler bis hin zum 700 bar Zy­lin­der wurde von uns ge­fer­tigt. Von der Idee bis zum fer­ti­gen Bau­satz wurde das Pro­jekt von uns be­treut.

If you have already built a plant with hydraulic components or are about planning it, just call us, please. We will jointly find an efficient, energy-saving solution which is right for you.

Synchronous hydraulics

Linear synchronous flow divider


The linear synchronising flow divider lets hydraulic cylinders extend and retract synchronously. Despite different loads, the LGM can guarantee exact positioning. Up to 16 hydraulic cylinders can be operated synchronously with the Lemacher Hydraulik® LGM. The dosing principle
exactly and reliably guarantees the synchronous run. It lends unbeatable advantages to the linear synchronising flow divider:

  • Absolut synchronous run without electronic control components
  • Exact positioning with installation of a position sensor
  • Flexible use with different valve switching systems
  • Rapid traverse rates are possible
  • The chaos circuit makes it possible to extend up to a resistance
  • Synchronous lifting in power stroke can be switched on
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • High energy efficiency
  • Quick availability due to preferred rows, also with the individual solution
  • This tried-and-tested technology of the linear synchronising flow divider has been in professional use since 1995
  • High quality due to the manufacture at our plants in Germany

Application examples

  • Hydraulic hardening presses with several hydraulic cylinders which are operated using different fluids.
  • Tools emission using several hydraulic cylinders in synchronous run
  • Tool clamping system in synchronous run
  • Synchronous lifting of buildings and bridges
  • Assembly systems for synchronous lifting of tool parts, engine housings and vehicles
  • Transfer and receiving systems in production facilities
  • Hydraulically and synchronously lifting and lowering tilting tables Lifting platform in synchronous run
  • Synchronous run for rear wings with sports cars

This is an extract of the range of applications of the linear synchronous lifting divider. We would be glad to answer inquiries about the range of applications and uses of our products.