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Are you at the cutting edge of technology, but want to develop further? With our circulation hydraulic cylinder, more precisely the complete Hydroquick systems, we present the most energy-efficient power axis for your progress.
The HYDROQUICK® system with its three-chamber system consists of several components developed by Lemacher-Hydraulik and manufactured in-house.

Essentially, there are two types of HYDROQUICK® systems that differ fundamentally from differential or suction systems with their three effective surfaces:

No size restrictions, maximum flexibility:

The HQE® system with external valves

With our HQE system you have maximum adaptability. This system knows no size restrictions and can be individually adapted to the required dimensions. In addition, the individual active surfaces can be specifically controlled with the external valves. This gives the HQE system its high flexibility in a wide variety of applications.

Dynamic and compact:
The HQ® system

The HQ system impresses with its simple and compact design. This reduces both the installation effort and the space requirement to a minimum. This compact design is achieved by integrated valves.

Perfect interaction through adaptation of the active surfaces

The die surfaces, divided in a ratio of 6/1, can be used in different ways. In both directions of movement it is possible to select two different die surfaces.

  Rapid feed surface 1/6

  Power stroke or work surface 6/6

  Rapid return surface 1/6

  Return stroke area 5/6

The effective area ratios are adaptable and can thus optimally support the function of the respective system. With this flexibility, the advantages over conventional post-suction or differential systems become clear. The direct successes are the significant reduction of the oil quantity for the entire system and the energy saved as a result. Further synergy effects, such as the reduction of investment costs and smaller sizes for systems working with the HYDROQUICK system, result automatically.

Reduced investment costs

The elimination of the special measures for suction cylinders and the greater design options are clearly reflected in your investment costs. Suction valves, suction pipes, suction tanks with air filter, pressure relief valves on the ring side, etc. are no longer required. The reduced oil volume and the resulting significant reduction in oil cooling are savings potentials that make the Hydroquick system both technically and economically unique. By using Lemacher Hydroquick systems, you benefit from our product advantages and thus improve the energy balance of your entire system.

Integrated cutting impact damping in the HQE system

The HQE system with its integrated cutting impact damping is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for keeping the cutting impact as low as possible. The technically brilliant and easy to install system can be retrofitted to any HQE system if required.
No additional energy is required for effective impact damping. The multi-chamber principle of the HQE system offers a further advantage over conventional differential or suction cylinders. The damping is adjusted with a valve combination that uses the same components as an adjustable end position damping on hydraulic cylinders.

No diesel effect and no cavitation: optimum efficiency in all respects

The Hydroquick systems optimally circulate the oil so that no large quantities of oil have to be moved. If large quantities of oil are moved, as in classic suction cylinders, the result can be that micro explosions cause the diesel effect in the hydraulic oil or cavitation affects the components of the suction cylinder, causing premature wear of the components. Due to this advantage compared to suction cylinders, we can achieve a 5 to 6 times longer service life with our circulating hydraulic cylinders and keep your systems low-maintenance.

Not only state of the art

Our systems are of course designed to meet the requirements of industry 4.0, so that you can always work at the pulse of time. On request, the Hydroquick hydraulic cylinders can be monitored to inform you about wear, position, pressure, force and speed. With our power axle you can optimize your system for the future.

HYDROQUICK® System in comparison

The comparison was based on the following parameters:

  • Press force: 1,000 KN (100 t) 
  • Rapid stroke from/up: 400 mm/s
  • Stroke: 1,500 mm
  • Maximum operating pressure: 200 bar

Standard hydraulic suction cylinder:

  • Suction system with Ø 250mm piston, Ø 225mm piston rod, Ø 70mm rapid lift cylinder
  • Flow rate at filling valve: 1,180 l/min
  • Required pipe Piston side Q = 1,180 l/min: DN 200 / PN 16
  • Required tank for hydraulic system: 3,000 l (3x Q max.)
  • Air filter design for nominal throughput: 1,200 l/min
  • No cutting impact damping possible

For the same parameters, our Hydroquick system with external valves requires

HQE 270/165/132/85-1500-200

  • Pis­ton Ø 270 mm Pis­ton rods Ø 165 mm 
  • Flow rate at internal valves: 192 l/min
  • Re­quired pip­ing pis­ton side Q = 192 l/min: Ø 38x 4mm
  • Re­quired tank for hy­draulic sys­tem: 700 l 
  • Air fil­ter de­sign for nom­i­nal through­put: 200 l/min
  • With cut im­pact ab­sorber
Tabelle Hydraulik

Our product advantages:

  • Energy-efficient industrial hydraulic cylinder
  • Energy saving potential over 50%.
  • Oil quantity reduction over 50%.
  • Quick stroke and power stroke freely selectable
  • Flexible rapid and power stroke speeds
  • Stepless transition between rapid and power stroke
  • Power stroke in forward and return stroke
  • Reduction of the total costs of a plant
  • Unbeatable service life
  • HQE systems monitored at all times on request 
  • With cut impact damping

Application examples:

  • Packaging machines
  • Punching tools for the automotive Industry
  • Embossing tools for different applications
  • Special mechanical engineering
  • Foundry machinery
  • Plastic parts manufacturing
  • Stamping presses 
  • Embossing presses
  • Calibration presses
  • Deburring presses 
  • Drawing presses
  • Individual presses
  • Transfer presses
  • Tryout presses
  • Spotting presses
  • Universal presses
  • Special presses
  • Servohydraulic presses
  • Forming machines

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