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Hydraulic complete solutions / custom-made products

Your specialist for energy-efficient hydraulics

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Special cylinders
  • differential cylinder
  • Block cylinders
  • Double cylinder
  • Die cushion cylinder
  • multiple cylinder blocks
  • Immersion tube cylinder
  • Displacement measuring cylinder
  • Synchronous cylinder
  • Oil brake cylinder
  • Hydraulic control block
  • Hydraulic power packs

We specialised in energy-efficient hydraulics and supply complete solutions from planning, system development and plant manufacture to commissioning of the
plant at our customers' sites. With extensive expertise and expert knowledge, our customers receive comprehensive advice.

Our products are solutions at the highest technical and qualitative level. The experience of our team of experts results in innovative solutions for energy-efficient plants, demand-oriented for our customers. Our customers include manufacturers, engineers, planning offices and development departments with whom we work closely.

Developed solutions

  • Our HYDROQUICK® system for hydraulic presses was developed together with press manufacturers. The weight compensation, the adjustable fixed stop, the integrated cutting impact damping and the Hydroquick® cylinder have a revolutionary energy balance.
  • Complete lifting systems for assembly applications.
    Synchronous lift with hand pump, cordless screwdriver or small hydraulic unit.
  • Plate transfer system with 12-fold synchronous operation
    Delivery of the hydraulics including assembly on site and commissioning of the plant.
  • Test rig hydraulics
    Planning, production and assembly from a single source.
  • Synchronous hydraulic concept for large hydraulic cylinders
    Including the compensation of the compression volume of the entire system.
  • Hydraulic planning, production, installation
    For lifting platforms with synchronisation requirements.
  • Hydraulic systems for tilting tables
    For setting up or laying large workpieces or concrete parts.
  • Synchronous lifting system for lifting buildings, bridges and large vehicles.
    The complete system, from the aggregate, over the linear synchronous flow divider up to the 700 bar cylinder was manufactured by us. From the idea to the finished kit, the project was supervised by us. If you have already built a system with hydraulic components or are in the planning stage for one, please call us. Together we will find efficient, energy-saving and the right solution for you.

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