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Lemacher Hydraulik in Idstein


The General Management and the staff of Lemacher Hydraulik® have developed guidelines that determine values, principles and aims of common work. Our business complies with our values. Lemacher Hydraulik® considers itself in a particular responsibility towards customers, employees and business partners. In particular we are responsible for our employees who guarantee our success and their existence. We promote performance for the well-being of all of us. We respect the dignity of every single person and
appreciate each other. The respectful contact in a team and with our customers and suppliers is a component of our corporate culture and philosophy. We stand for the equality of gender and equal opportunities - as well for people of different ethnic origin. We are against child labor and social disadvantages. This is a part of our social duty.
Our employees are trained regularly so that they can face the more and more complex challenges. The compliance culture is a law-abiding behavior which is lived at Lemacher Hydraulik®. All employees noticed these guidelines and follow them.

The company Lemacher Hydraulik® was founded by engineer Ing.grad. Eduard Lemacher in Taunusstein-Wehen (Germany).
In 2014 the company was taken over by Adolf Rathschlag. He redefined the company and strengthened it in order to reach the challenging aims.
The core business of Lemacher Hydraulik® is the professional development and manufacture of hydraulic products. Hydroquick®-Cylinders and Linear flow divider-combiners are developments of our engineers.
Hydraulic presses being designed according to customer requirements which are built in our premises complete our product range. Additionally we offer special equipment.

Quality and safety

Our well qualified employees guarantee the perfect realization of customer demands on our products. Our production processes are economic and the products have a very good environmental sustainability. For that reason our products are abnormally energy efficient. Experts coordinate the production processes with the suppliers regarding quality and environmental standards. To make sure that nobody is injured, the safety at the work place is regarded as a duty. All customers benefit of our individual Full Service and After-Sales Service guaranteeing a worldwide customer support.


As hydraulic specialist the company Lemacher Hydraulik® faces future challenges. We are eager to react positively on market developments and customer requirements. Future growth and the entire success of the enterprise are provided by substantial financial investments. In our daily business life we establish mutual trust and focus on partnerships in order to realize our guidelines and strategy plans as a reliable technology enterprise.
We place emphasis on a longstanding, reliable, faithful and fair collaboration with our employees, customers and suppliers. This makes us competitive for the future.