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Servo-hydraulic presses from Lemacher Hydraulik

Dear customers,

Do you want to make your company more energy-efficient and resource-conserving, or do you want to optimise it even further? Do you appreciate sustainability as much as productivity?

Then our servo-hydraulic presses are exactly the right systems for you. Our presses are equipped with speed-controlled pumps, which only increase energy consumption when needed. This guarantees a significantly improved energy balance.

With the integrated Hydroquick hydraulic cylinder, the oil quantity of our presses is also significantly lower than with other presses of the same size with suction cylinders. The Hydroquick's circulation principle saves more than 60% of the oil volume of a conventional hydraulic press  with suction cylinder.

Because of the circulation inside of the hydraulic cylinder, the complete oil is not pumped into or out of the Hydroquick cylinder every time the cylinder is moved up or down. This not only improves the energy balance, but also reduces maintenance costs, since cavitation and diesel effects do not occur in the first place due to the Hydroquick hydraulic cylinder.

The advantages of servo-hydraulic presses:

  • Space-saving due to compact and lightweight design, with small oil tank and stable frame construction
  • Sustainable energy input only when required, with the aid of a speed-controlled servo-hydraulic pump
  • Sustainable for people and the environment, significantly reduced noise emission due to integrated cutting shock damping

The presses can be individually designed to meet your needs. In this way, it always corresponds exactly to your specifications and the conditions on site.

If we have aroused your interest, we are at your disposal for a consultation. We look forward to an efficient and successful cooperation. For further information you can contact us personally or  you can find us at

For the love of the environment! Energy-efficient products from Lemacher Hydraulik®.

Yours sincerely
O. Rathschlag