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Into the future - with the HQS hydraulic cylinder

Now available- the HQS hydraulic cylinder from Lemacher Hydraulik! In view of the advancing climate change, we have decided to transform the HQE system to the HQS hydraulic cylinder.

The HQS hydraulic cylinder shows how responsible hydraulics works. Since its innovative technology makes it significantly more energy-efficient than conventional post-suction and differential cylinders, it not only saves costs for you, our customer, but also has a much lower impact on the environment.

It can save large quantities of hydraulic oil and at the same time reduce investment and operating costs in the equipment used.
By using our HQS hydraulic cylinder, we don't just want to make money, we want to ensure a more sustainable industry. In this way, we can protect our earth and offer you, the customer, a lot of cost savings at the same time. A win-win situation for everyone.

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