Hydraulic Bench Press

Manufactured Sizes

  • Energy efficient
  • Precise
  • quick

40 to 10,000 kN


Example by means of an HT-0160 press



Steel press platform with screwed on press frame made of bending resistant steel. Hydroquick – rapid stroke cylinder with slide bore hole or slide platen with linear guiding and position measuring system. Error protected SPS steerage. The switchover points for rapid advance, power stroke and rapid return as well as for pressure and speed can be adjusted separately for the setting and automatic operation. If required they can be saved in the SPS-System. Dynamical optimized motion-sequence of the slide movement by offering ideal decompression. Muted aggregates due to an internal gear pump required by the entire system. The presses can be integrated to an already existing system or they can be delivered as single workplace devices with a two-hands handling and a light grid.

Appliance: Blanking, Piercing, Bending, Flanging, Coinage, Staking, Edging etc.

Tool measurements and Speed:

Press capacity: 160 kNPresse neu grauer Hintergrund

Stroke: 200 mm

Bench width: 400 mm         

Bench depth: 350 mm

Installation height: 500 mm

Rapid speed: 600 mm/s

Operation speed: 100 mm/s

Measurements and Weight:

Height: 2175 mm

Width: 911 mm

Depth: 850 mm

Weight: 995Kg

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