HYDROQUICK®  System by comparison

The following parameters have been used in the comparison: Pressing

Force: 1.000 KN (100 t)

  • Fast stroke up / down: 400 mm/s
  • Stroke: 1.500 mm
  • Maximum operating pressure: 200 bar


Standard hydraulic suction cylinder:

  • Suction cylinder with Ø 250 mm piston, Ø 225 mm piston rod, Ø 70 mm fast stroke cylinder
  • Volume flow on the filler valve: 1.180 l/min
  • Required pipeline at the piston side Q = 1.180 l/min: DN 200 / PN 16
  • Required vessel for the hydraulic system: 3.000 l (3x Q max.)
  • Air filter design for nominal throughput: 1.200 l/min




For the comparison, a HYDROQUICK®  System with external valves was chosen.

Type:   HQE 270/165/132/85-1500-200

Piston Ø 270 mm   Piston rods Ø 165 mm


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Make use of the product advantages for your success


Using our team of experts, we would be glad to advise you on the use of the HYDROQUICK® System and the design of the details.

For more than 40 years, the manufacture of our systems has taken place on in-house production lines. With a product depth of more than 90%, we can secure our customers the highest degree of quality, reliability and service.


Manufacturers of hydraulic systems where our HYDROQUICK® System is used benefit from the double advantage of our products and practise climate production in addition.


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With our systems, the local energy efficiency funds of the energy efficiency programme of the KfW bank or the Federal Environment Ministry's environmental innovation programme are available to you. We would be glad to help you with the application.


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