The best for the precise use of big forces


The HYDROQUICK® System consists of several components which were developed by Lemacher-Hydraulik and which are manufactured by the company.

Basically, there are two types of HYDROQUICK® Systems which fundamentally distinguish from differential and suction systems by their three effective areas:

Our HYDROQUICK® System HQE does not know any construction size limits and can be adjusted to the required dimensions.

Using its external valves, the effective areas can be individually controlled and thus ensure high flexibility for different applications.

The HYDROQUICK® System HQ excels by its compact design which is achieved using integrated valves.


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The high energy efficiency is the result of perfect interplay of the individual effective areas and the reduced oil volume during the process. By means of the exactly designed control, the HYDROQUICK® System is a reliable unit in industrial use.


The effective areas, which are subdivided in 6 parts, can be differently used.

In both movement directions, it is possible to select two effective areas which are different in size.


  • Rapid approach area 1/6,
  • Power stroke or work surface 6/6,
  • Rapid return area 1/6 and
  • Return stroke area 5/6.


With this flexibility, the advantages over conventional suction or differential systems become clear. The significant reduction of oil quantity for the entire system and the energy saved as a result are the direct successes.

Further synergy effects such as the reduction of investment costs and smaller construction sizes for plants working with the HYDROQUICK® System will automatically result.


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