Linear Synchronizing Flow Divider - Original

What is our LGM - Linear Synchronizing Flow Divider Combiner

What is our LGM?

The Lemacher Linear synchronizing flow divider-combiner consists of a main cylinder where various proportioning cylinders are attached. To be more precisely: The system consists of a segment of cylinders with a compact design. A special alignment of rotors, tubes and the housing form this system. The number of proportioning cylinders can vary from 2 to 12.

The Linear synchronizing flow divider-combiner is working in both directions.

Depending on the working direction, the flow can be divided or combined.

This compact unit already includes an activation via 2/2 cartridge valves that allow a variety of applications and operating methods. So the synchronization can be switched on and off to allow alignment of the driven cylinders. So it is selectable to operate cylinders in a asynchronous way or in synchronous way.     


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