Snap-through dampening

Integrated in our HYDROQUICK® System

The technically brilliant and easy-to-install system for hydraulic presses



  • Reducing investment costs
    Simple valve arrangement in the HQE-system.
  • Easy installation
    No additional components required, can be retrofitted with existing
  • Easy to use
    Electronic control is not required. Can be integrated into existing
    systems, depending on customer requirements.
  • Energy-saving
    No energy is required for dampening, and the minimally heated oil can cool in the tank without additional cooling


Integrated snap-through dampening

With its integrated snap-through dampening, the HYDROQUICK® System is the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to dampen the snap-through.

The technically brilliant and easy-to-install system can be retrofitted for every HYDROQUICK® System.

Additional energy for effective snap-through dampening is not required.

The multi-chamber principle of the HYDROQUICK® System plays on a further advantage here.

The damping is adjusted with a valve combination which can be set exactly to the conditions.

The heat that is generated by the damping hetas up the draining oil.

Cooling takes place in the oil tank without additional cooling.


Difference to the extraction cylinder:                                   

The basic problem to realize an efficient snap-through dampening via the ring area of an extraction cylinder is a too small ring area.

With an area ratio of piston area - ring area = 6:1, a six-fold pressure (6 x 200 = 1,200 bar) must be available for a power balance.

With an area ratio of 6:4 = 1.5, as is possible with the HYDROQUICK® system, this means 1.5 x 200 = 300 bar.

These figures clearly show superiority of the HQE system.


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