Hydraulic Bench Press

Technical extras

  • Four-column construction with bend-proof corners
  • Ball rail system for rattle-proof guide of the ram plate
  • Integrated snap-through dampening without additional space requirement
  • Rapid hydraulic HYDROQUICK® System
    precise, quick, energy-efficient
  • Hydraulic aggregates
    according to the latest safety standards
  • Servo-hydraulic systems
    for the most energy-efficient presses of their kind


Four-column construction with bend-proof corners
Lemacher Hydraulik® construction

We achieve the highest degree of precision and stability with our press construction.
We clamp the press bar and the press table between the arbours and produce four bend-proof corners with the installed shear force discs. In this way, the press frame
centres itself automatically during load.
The ball rail system optimises the precision and increases the total running time of the press.

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Integrated snap-through dampening

Another highlight is the snap-through dampening integrated in the HQE system
which can be switched on optionally. An additional source of energy or additional
space is not required. This system uses the hydraulic cylinder, and does not require
any additional extensions. 


Rapid hydraulic HYDROQUICK® System

The HYDROQUICK® system has been developed especially for use in quick hydraulic presses. The three-chamber principle permits the rapid and power stroke travel to be chosen freely. The surface ratio in the system can be adapted to the requirements. In case of especially large or heavy top tools this option plays a decisive role.
The energy efficiency of the HYDROQUICK® systems is detailed in our
on the HQ-HQE system.

Servo-hydraulic systems, energy efficiency

Hydraulic systems. At present the ultimate thing in the field of hydraulic drives for presses
is most certainly the servo-hydraulic system in combination with the HQE system.
On account of a speed-controlled drive, maximum accuracy is possible at extreme energy
conservation at the same time. In combination with the HYDROQUICK® system, unique synergies arise for hydraulic presses.

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