Hydraulic products special production


Blockcylinders are deployed for die-cutting systems with bending operations. Pistons can be operated individually. Because of that two production steps can be executed using two pistons for bending operations with braces. In this appliance the outer piston rod drives forward and clamps the work piece that is supposed to be bent. The second piston rod on the inner side drives backwards and bends the work piece. The stroke of the inner piston rod can be adjusted through the entire stroke. This is possible because of the dead stop with position indication showing the setting value. This facilitates the setting mode and saves time.

By using current regulating valves and magnetic valves this device can be connected to a central hydraulic aggregate. The oil exchange is ensured also for short strokes by directly built-on directional control valves having short feed lines. Due to the guaranteed oil exchange a long durability of gaskets and running surfaces required by production plants is achieved.   





  •      Tighten
  •      Press
  •      To cut
  •      perforate


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