The HQE is installed as press cylinder. Using this cylinder shorter clock cycles can be achieved. The power stroke is deployable in every position with requiring the appropriate effort.

The HQ Cylinders renders possible to halve the aggregate’s size in comparison to ordinary hydraulic cylinders

An oil cooler is not required

Pipe diameters can be reduced

The upper mold plate is held without any effort due to our weight unloading which was especially designed for this press.

The back stroke is effected with minimal effort, too.

 A press construction guaranteeing a remarkable high precision and stability

The energy efficiency of the Lemacher hydraulic press is extraordinarily good. In comparison to the standard hydraulic press having similar requirements, an energy saving up to 50% is possible.

The SPS steerage offers the recording of press capacity, traveling distance, clock- cycle and product number!

By installing a light grid and a two-hands handling we do fulfil all BG(German Employer’s Liability insurance Association) requirements.

Energy efficiency by hydraulic cylinders

Reduction of oil volume by over 50% due to our compact cylinder construction

High precision

High speed

Continuous shifting between rapid stroke and power stroke

Low noise development


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